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Since 2004, K9 Corral has been specializing in stockdog training and obedience training in Sherman, McKinney TX, and surrounding areas. Our expert trainers will help you address behavioral issues and develop a stronger relationship with your dog. Please contact us with any questions or to sign up.

Stockdog Training

Our goal is provide you with an obedient, socially acceptable dog and partner in work. In our program, all dogs have to be obedient. If they are not, that's where we start. We want them to respect their handler, have a recall and respond when asked. Socialization is a must at our place. We have clients here daily with new dogs coming and going. We believe in a well-rounded dog and one that can behave in different situations around new stimuli. We help dogs find their patience and learn how to work with their minds controlling their bodies and not their bodies controlling their minds.

We start the dog in a small pen, working on their sanctioning. When they are ready, we introduce stock in that same pen. Progression is made when the dog is ready to advance. From the small pen, we go to the round pen, then to the arena. If wanted by the owner, we can proceed to pasture work. Keep in mind that each dog is an individual and each client has different needs for their stock dog, no two are alike. We train with the clients goals as our end result.

Training Rate: $950/month

Obedience Training

K9 Corral offers a 30 day obedience training program for dogs any age, size, and breed. In our program, we introduce the dogs to heel, sit, stay, down and place. We also work extensively with exposure, proper socialization and basic manners. While the dogs are in training, we use a type of collar called a "gentle leader." We NEVER use shock collars, pinch/prong collars, or choke chains when working with any dogs. While in training, our trainers put in many hours with them in our training yard, at the local park, and also in our office if desired. It has always been important to us to have a dog go back home fully prepared and fitting all of the owners requests.

Our 30 day in-kennel program is geared towards focusing the importance of a good foundation for your dog, providing the repetition and consistency that is critical for your dogs success. Upon completion of the program, we will conduct a personal hands on session with you and your dog to make sure you are comfortable with the transition and know how to utilize the commands correctly that your dog has learned. You will also be going home with a complete packet of the commands, how and when to use them, drills you can do at home to keep the progress going in the right direction for your family. One of my favorite things to provide for the owners is our exit videos, you will receive a minimum of 5 videos of your dog working, explaining each of the commands in detail so you can always go back to those as a reference.

Training Rate: $950/month

A Message from Becky

I got my first cowdog in 1989. Kati was an Australian Cattledog and blessed me with 16 years of her loyalty. When I got Kati, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Luckily she was tough, brilliant and very forgiving as we learned together. In 1991, I got my first Border Collie and have not gone a day without one since. I started working dogs with the jobs I had through college and after I graduated. Working at the sale barn and running the sorting alleys gave me the hands on experience to read stock and use great dogs. Being a very competitive person, I entered my first trial in 1998 and I was hooked! Having a family has changed my direction with the dogs from competing to training for others. I enjoy every level of training from raising babies to finished dogs. I welcome dogs in at any level, and will do my best to provide the results you are looking for in a working dog.

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